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Pricing for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise A from AxonWare UK. Developer | studio .net. Where to buy cheap/low cost Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise A in England Scotland.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect

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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect

Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect provides developers with comprehensive tools for designing and building distributed applications for Microsoft Windows®, the Web, and mobile devices. Visual Studio .NET

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Enterprise Architect (VSEA) builds on the power of Visual Studio .NET 2003
Enterprise Developer by including additional capabilities for designing, specifying, and communicating application architecture, development best practices, and application functionality
Developers using Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect will benefit from the ability to:
Visually model applications, databases, and business processes.
Clearly define application functionality and architecture for XML Web services and applications, and visually orchestrate business processes. Create sound architectural frameworks and best practices guidelines.
Increase application development efficiency through starting application frameworks, sharing best practices guidelines, and simplifying development and management of complex applications. Build on a scalable and dependable platform for distributed applications.
Create secure, reliable, and high performance applications using the Visual Studio .NET 2003 integrated development environment (IDE) and the Windows Server 2003 programming model. Choose from a broad range of integrated third-party tools. Visually Model Applications, Databases, and Business Processes
Use a complete set of Microsoft Visio®—based modeling capabilities to create and communicate application architecture, business requirements, database design, and business processes. Architects using Microsoft Visual C++® .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET, or Microsoft Visual C#® .NET can use Unified Modeling Language (UML) models to specify application architecture and functionality, reduce development time by directly generating classes, functions, and methods, and document existing application code by reverse-engineering projects. Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect enables developers to create architectural designs and models that they can share with the rest of their team.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect provides end-to-end support for database modeling, including conceptual, logical, and physical views. Business analysts can easily enter business rules using the Fact Editor, which in turn generates an underlying database model that can be refined by a database analyst. Roundtrip engineering guarantees that changes made at any of the views will be reflected throughout, improving communication across the development team.

Business processes can be defined and orchestrated using a full-featured version of Microsoft BizTalk® server designed for developers. This makes it easier to compose applications from existing functionality—whether that functionality is internal or external to an organization.

Create Sound Architectural Frameworks and Best Practices Guidelines

Enterprise Templates and the Template Description Language can help developers meet the challenges of rapidly proliferating innovations and technologies, and increase collaboration across development teams. Architects can use Enterprise Template projects to create application starting points by specifying an initial application structure (including any reusable or standard components and technologies), as well as design documents and models.

Architects using Template Description Language can specify the constraints for component usage throughout the application, such as by setting property values and ranges so that developers can easily make the right implementation choices. Architects can also create custom Help topics in HTML and integrate them into the Visual Studio .NET dynamic help system, giving developers access to the resources they need.

Sophisticated reference applications included in Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect illustrate some recommended approaches to solving common problems. These reference applications show the use of .NET-connected technology to create sample distributed applications complete with reference architectures, application, data and business models as well as the underlying code.

Build on a Scalable and Dependable Platform for Distributed Applications

The Microsoft .NET Framework, along with Windows Server 2003, is designed to simplify application development in the highly distributed environment of the Internet and enterprise computing. This is achieved through integration of:

  • Public Internet standards such as XML, SOAP, UDDI, and WML.
  • Web services enhancements such as message-based security (WS-Security).
  • A highly scalable, loosely coupled architecture.
  • Application development in the language of your choice.
  • Easy-to-use automatic transactions, automatic memory management, and easy deployment.
  • Advanced security designed from the ground up to ensure that data and applications are protected through a fine-grained, evidence-based security model.
  • Rich operating system services such as transaction processing monitors and message queuing.

Visual Studio .NET, the industry benchmark for developer productivity, leverages the power of the .NET Framework. The ultimate developer cockpit, it includes visual designers for Windows, the Web, data, and server components to accomplish tasks more efficiently than ever before. Visual Studio .NET 2003 enables seamless creation and usage of XML Web services for building the next-generation Internet.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 provides an open and extensible architecture that enables third-party vendors to create languages, tools, and components that seamlessly integrate into the environment, providing developers with a broad range of choices for meeting development requirements.

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