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Pricing for ProgeCAD 202X Pro SLM from AxonWare UK. CAD | progeCAD365. Where to buy cheap/low cost ProgeCAD 202X Pro SLM in England Scotland.

ProgeCAD 202X Pro SLM
1 Year License

Prices Exclude VAT
ProgeCAD 202X  Pro SLM1 Year License

Get yourself a 1 year license of PROGECAD SLM

Some customers perfer an annual license instead of a paying for perpetual license. The choice is yours!

ProgeCAD is a very powerful DWG/DXF-native 2D/3D CAD software application. ProgeCAD is an incredibly cost-effective AutoCAD® replacement just built for professional drafting. A great solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usage.

Whats New Video

This new major release ProgeCAD offers standard CAD features as well as numerous handy add-ons such as a PDF to DWG Converter, easy-to-use revolutionary Render engine, Block Libraries (over 22,000 blocks), a Raster-to-Vector module, Google Earth integration, Shape file Import, Perspective Correction, an EasyArch plugin for architects, 3D PDF export, Traceparts and Cadenas portals integration with free access to thousands of blocks etc.

If you are involved in CAD in any way you just have to check out ProgeCAD . ProgeCAD has been around for a long time and has a huge customer base. Lots of blue chip customers now rely on ProgeCAD as their CAD solution throughout their organisations.

ProgeCAD Professional is a stable release on the latest IntelliCAD platform and is beefed up with further new features and add-ons, offering users a wide range of new efficient commands and options, enhanced tools and features as well as error fixes.
• Optimize design costs without renouncing quality and compatibility of the industry standard.
• Offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD® and Direct Modelling in native DWG file format.
• Much more than a low cost alternative. Boasts more CAD functions than AutoCAD® LT at a fractional price of AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD or Microstation.
• New licenses include 1 month free support.
ProgeCAD brochure :
ProgeCAD Sample Customers :

ProgeCAD features:

ProgeCAD is an AutoCAD® compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from AutoCAD® 2.5 through AutoCAD® 2022!
It is a great solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usage.
• includes integrated 3D PDF Export!
• compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without losing any critical information. ProgeCAD lets you export drawing files both in DWG and DXF drawing file format.
• ProgeCAD supports an interface complete with an "AutoCAD® - Like" icon menu and "AutoCAD® - Like" commands.


Improved Open and Save time
• The New CAD engine with improved features and stability based on Teigha Version 4.3.2 and
• IntelliCAD 9


• Tool palettes for Blocks, Hatches and frequently used Commands. Use the tool palettes to
• organize blocks, hatches, and custom tools in a tabbed window. Easily customizable by Drag &
• Drop. Options and settings are accessible from shortcut menus.
• The ready-to-use Palettes for:
• Draw
• Modify
• Annotations
• Utilities
• View
• 3D Tools
• Fills and Hatches
• 2D Architectural
• Electrical Diagrams
• Electrical Plants
• Mechanics ANSI-ISO
• Mechanics DIN-ISO
• Hydraulic-Fluids and Pneumatics
• Steel Sections
• Improved visualization of texts and entities using Anti-Aliasing technology.
• Anti-aliasing is extremely important to making text smoother and easier to read.
• Further optimization for 4K displays
• Redesigned and rearranged menus
• Watch how to load Customized Menus and Alias files
• The New Blocks Palette for inserting and editing of internal Blocks with Drag & Drop support
• Property Panel Tree: the new selection control to view selected entities in a tree list allowing
• Properties local editing ( highlighting/modifications based on the tree selection)
• Double Click actions: customize the actions executed on DoubleClick to specific entities types


• Support for BIM file types: import/attach IFC and Autodesk® Revit® files (.rvt/.rfa,IFC).
• These file types contain building and construction data. Once the file is attached, you can explode
• it, snap to it, and use the RVTPANE command to open the Categories pane for visibility control
• AEC, Civil, GeoMaps, Mechanical objects support for visualization and properties editing
• Improved support of PointCloud with ReCap (.rcp/.rcs) files
• Link to BIM&CO portal: Download free high-quality objects and data,designed for use with BIM and CAD https://www.bimandco.com
• Print 3D Hidden with silhouette. Creation of clean 3D prints on curved solid parts printing in
• Hidden Visual Style
• Print with transparency on Hatches by using "Print Style Table" (CTB/STB) color configuration.
• Xref Notify: the control of updated or missing xrefs. progeCAD displays a baloon when an XREF
• (External Reference) linked to the active drawing is modified
• STEP/IGES Options: the setting of conversion modes for STEP/IGES files (Quick Monocrome,
• With Color, Import as Surfaces)
• Digital signatures to .dwg files: a digital signature certifies the author of a file and indicates
• whether the file has been altered since the digital signature was applied.
• Recipients of drawings are provided with reliable information about the author of a drawing.
• Owners of drawings are provided with reliable verification that a drawing has not been modified
• since it was digitally signed
• Publish restyling: the redesigned user interface; new features in the print settings
• Custom Folders preset: adding of your most frequently used folders to the open/save dialog.
• Quick access to your disks/network
• Formulas in Tables: table cells can contain formulas that do calculations related to the values in
• other table cells
• SysVarMonitor: monitoring of a list of system variables with notifications sent when some variable
• on the list is modified
• Improved PDF export with more options available, such as making exported text searchable, the
• DPI setting for exported images and hatches, hyperlinks export, linearized .pdf files, and more


• Block Editor (_BEDIT). The Block Editor offers a special authoring area to enable free drawing
• and editing of blocks geometry
• Construction Line: a construction line is a special type of the infinite line that is typically used when quick drafting techniques are required.
• Similar to the infinite line, the construction line is a line through a given point, oriented at a specified angle in the three-dimensional space and extending to infinity in both directions
• MULTIPLOT: select title-block blocks or Polylines boundaries to print them sequentially using the boundaries as print windows
• ADDSELECTED: create a new object of the same type and general properties (Layer, Color, Linetype etc.) of a selected object, yet with different geometric values
• QUICKWBLOCK: create quickly an external DWG file from a selected group of elements
• CAMERA: define settings for 3D views of drawings according to a location and target. You can also specify the camera height, clipping boundaries for the view etc.
• ARRAYPATH: place object copies uniformly along a path or a portion of a path
• TABLEEXPORT: data export from a table object in the CSV file format
• POINTSEXPORT: Points export to ascii xyz or csv
• NEW EXPRESS TOOLS (Click for the Complete list of progeCAD Express Tools)

• CENTERLINE: create centerline geometry associated with selected lines and linear polyline segments
• SCALETEXT: enlarge or reduce selected text objects without changing their locations
• DIMREASSOCIATE: the association or reassociation of selected dimensions to entities or points on entities
• DIMREASSOC: restore the measured value to overridden or modified dimension text
• AREATEXT: calculate boundary area and place the text with the value in the center of the area. Through the configuration dialog the user can set: Units used for drawing, Units desired for measurement, Prefix, Suffix Units of measurement, Decimal number, Retain boundary. It is possible to select an area through multi points, the direct selection of entities or by clicking inside a closed area
• CHANGEBLOCK: create a new Bock Definition from a Block instance and open Block Editor to create a new modified Block
• RENAMEBLOCK: rename a block and add a new block definition for further editing
• CREATELINETYPE: create custom textual Linetypes through the Dialog box
• DIMPOLY: the automatic creation of dimensions around a polyline
• OFFSETSMART: create an offset deleting the original entities
• DIMARRANGE: the aligning of a dimension line and a sub line
• TEXTARRANGEV: arrange the selected text with vertical alignment
• TOTLENGTH: show the total length of selected object

New Render engine based on Artisan

New integration with Artisan Renderer (included free). The Renderer allows you to create a photorealistic image of your model quickly using a wide range of pre-set materials and lighting setups combined with the ability to create custom lights and realistic materials.


New commands to import SHAPE (ESRI) files with geometry and its attributes into DWG drawings. 

Superhatch Command

Create hatch patterns from images, blocks, external references (xrefs) and wipeouts.

In-place Editor for Text and Multiline Text

The new multiline text editor allows you to edit multiline text in place. However, not all multiline text features are implemented in the new editor.

PDF Print with Layers

Create high quality PDF files from drawings (with layers!). ProgeCAD Professional prints PDF files with the same layer structure of a drawing. The layers can be set on/off in the PDF document using Adobe Reader.

Improved PDF Export

Export to 2D .pdf files now includes new compression modes, image clipping and gradient hatches.

Improved PointCloud import

  (.pcg, .isd, .xyz, .ply, .las, .laz)

New Array dialog 

XREF and Locked Layers Fading

Controls the dimming for Xref entities and entities on locked layers.

Fade control with RefEdit command 

Now ProgeCAD supports the XFADECTL system variable and controls the amount of fading within a reference being edited in place.

New interface for RefEdit command

3D Connection SpaceMouse support

ProgeCAD now supports the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse. The 3D Mouse allows you to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate models while selecting with your traditional mouse. This unique two-handed workflow makes design work more comfortable and efficient.

Click on Options in Command line 

String options on the command line can be selected with the mouse.

VPMAX and VPMIN commands

The commands allow you to maximize and minimize Viewports. VPMAX expands the current viewport for editing and VPMIN restores the current layout viewport. The advantage of using these two commands is that you can pan and zoom while you are in Model Space, and when you go back to Paper Space the position and the scale of the objects in the Layout viewport remain unchanged.

Support for variable DIMLAYER  

Default layer for all dimensions. Specifies the default layer for new dimensions, overrides the current layer - the CLAYER system variable.

Support for variables HPLAYER and HPTRANSPARENCY

In the hatch dialog, the user can set the Default layer (overriding the current layer ‘CLAYER’) and set the level of transparency for new hatches. Changing these values does not affect existing hatch objects.

3D solids Sub Entity selection 

Selection of Faces and Edges on 3D objects with the CTRL button and click.


The command brings all texts to the front.

Improved compatibility with Microstation files - directly open your DGN files

Import & Open new Microstation file formats (.dgnlib, .rdl, .cel)

Object Snap on Underlay files (PDF, DWF and DGN)

Improved Underlay objects: 

For .pdf, .dwg and .dgn underlays, new support includes monochrome, fade, background colour adjust, show and show clipped properties.

Lock the location for Floating or Docked Toolbars

Contextual Ribbons for Text, Multiline Text, Image entities and the Refedit command 

Pin Lock for Ribbon panel

Workspaces options management


ISOLATEOBJECTS temporarily hides the display of all entities except those you select. The entities are displayed in the current view. All other entities are temporarily hidden. HIDEOBJECTS temporarily hides selected objects in the current view. All other objects are visible. UNISOLATEOBJECTS displays entities previously hidden with ISOLATEOBJECTS or HIDEOBJECTS.

Possible to associate a Default Template to the QNEW command

New CACHEFILES will externally cache layout data to enhance layout switching performance and memory usage.


The new command for editing single block instances.

CENTERMARK command (Express)


Controls the dimming for all DWG Xref entities.

Add Slope linetypes for topographic drawings (Express)

Improve LOFT command  

Rename Command

The new Rename command with an advanced interface.

Improved ETRANSMIT command

DIMBREAK command

Breaks or restores dimension and extension lines where they cross other entities

Other Recent Features

ProgeCAD Cloud

Save and open drawings in the Cloud! ProgeCAD Cloud makes it easy for you to reach any of your drawings wherever you are. What is more, it is an optimal way of sharing drawings with your team and customers. ProgeCAD Cloud supports the major cloud services for file sharing and syncing like DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

Dynamic Input

Dynamic Input is an alternative way of entering commands through a command line interface at your Crosshair. You can input data like the length of a line or the radius of a circle with dynamic visualization of changes relative to mouse movements. When dynamic input is turned on, a tooltip displays dynamically updated information next to the cursor. When a command is in progress, you can specify options and values in the tooltip text box. You can also configure dynamic input to meet your personal or company standards. The feature is to further boost your productivity by making drafting and editing processes way more efficient.

Dynamic UCS

The previous ProgeCAD versions constrained the drafter to constantly change the XY plane to work on a particular face or plane of an object when working with 3D models. You had to specify a new user coordinate system every time you changed views. The new dynamic UCS feature automatically creates a temporary XY plane to draw on and dramatically speeds up drawing in a 3D environment.

Advanced Solid Grips

By dragging grips you can change the shape and size of primitive solids. For example, the change of the height of a cone will maintain the overall cone shape and automatically update the base radius. The Solid Grips feature is introduced to enrich 3D editing operations.

3D Ortho

Alongside the classic X,Y Ortho snap modes restricting cursor movement to horizontal and vertical, the program now also provides the Z Ortho mode restricting the cursor to the up and down directions.

Annotative Objects

The feature automates the sizing of annotations such as text, hatch and dimensions in multiple viewports with varying scales. The annotative objects are scaled based on the current annotation scale setting and are automatically displayed at the correct size. The following objects can be annotative, meaning that they can size automatically:
- Text (single-line text)
- Mtext (multi-line text)
- Dimensions
- Tolerances
- Hatches
- Blocks
- Block attributes

Drawing Fields

The Field tool automates the insertion of titleblock text or any other annotations in a drawing. If you insert titleblock text in your drawings, you know how it is difficult to keep that text updated and accurate. There are also many people who place drawing numbers or names in several different places in a drawing and that involves extra work. With ProgeCAD you can use fields to automate the insertion of titleblock text or other annotations in a drawing. If you use this text repeatedly, you can definitely save time and improve accuracy. Examples would be when you have to use the current date, the drafter’s initials, the company name and address and so on.

Arc Aligned Text

The ARCTEXT command enables text alignment along an existing arc object. It is a very handy feature to add complex curved text in your drawings.


This command creates a breakline, a polyline including a breakline symbol, by specifying two points and the location of the breakline symbol between them. You can control the relative size and appearance of the breakline symbol and the extension of the polyline beyond the selected start and end points.

PDF/A Print

ProgeCAD can create PDF files compliant with the PDF/A Standard. The PDF/A file format is often a requisite for official institutions and public administrations. The PDF/A file format is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. PDF/A differs from PDF by prohibiting features ill-suited to long-term archiving, such as font linking (as opposed to font embedding).

Change Space command

It is quite easy to move entities from Model Space to Paper Space or the other way around with the help of the CHSPACE command. Let’s say that you add some text in your drawing, but then decide that the text should really be in a Notes box in your title block. The CHSPACE command will do just that in a second. The command actually does more than just move or copy selected entities; it also scales entities by the viewport scale so they come out in the correct size.

Draw Order advanced tools

The new toolbar allows an advanced control of draw order of CAD entities making your check on the drawing arrangement more accurate and efficient.

Autocomplete command mode

When entering a command or system variable, you are assisted by a list or auto completion of the commands and system variables as they are being typed. A must-have for CAD professionals who are fond of typing commands directly on their keyboards instead of using Menus or Toolbars.

ProgeCAD Professional is available with different licensing solutions:

SL - Single license
can be registered on one PC at a time (license can be moved onto another PC)

NLM - Network Licenses
can be installed on unlimited PCs in the network and used at the same time by several users according to the purchased licenses (1 NLM=1 concurrent user). The number of network floating licenses determines how many users can work with the product concurrently, so in accordance with this the necessary number of licenses should be acquired.

License Take-Away: NLM licenses can be temporarily moved onto a laptop or a remote PC to be used offline. Max flexibility!

If you need NLM (Network edition) see ProgeCAD Prof English NLM or if you would like to buy an upgrade for your existing progeCAD license then ProgeCAD SLM Uprade

Download your Progecad 2021 FREE trial here

What are the minimum system requirements for progeCAD?

Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 8.1® or Windows 10®
32 bit and 64 bit are supported (Windows Vista® is supported but not recommended)
(WARNING: The installation on virtual machines is not certificated).
2.2 GHz or faster (recommended almost 2.5 GHz or more) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor (64-bit recommended)

Minimum 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
4 GB of free space
For optimum performance, it is recommended to use machines with a recent dedicated video card nVidia or AMD
Price - excluding vat: £203.15

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